"Our highest rated collection and first 100-point tequila ever."

The Tasting Panel Magazine
Reposado Rosa in Pink bottle by Tequila Komos

Reposado Rosa

"The pink ceramic-glazed bottle is a work of art, as is the liquid inside."

- Tasting Panel

Añejo Cristalino in Blue bottle by Tequila Komos

Añejo Cristalino

"It’s one of the most complex and nuanced Cristalinos available, with a fresh nose and a vibrant salinity."

- Maxim

Tequila Komos Añejo Reserva in the white bottle


"The nose features the distinction of a high-end cognac… Similar to the balanced elegance of a Sauternes."

- Tasting Panel

Extra Añejo in light blue Tequila Komos bottle

Extra Añejo

"It’s truly a tequila fitting for the most discerning imbiber."

- Worth

Komos XO Tequila with box
"Komos XO is a new standard of luxury tequila…"
- Robb Report
The most exclusive addition to the highest-rated tequila collection. Produced as a single batch, it is the first of its kind and of extraordinary origin.
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