Añejo Cristalino

98 point rating from The Tasting Panel Magazine
Añejo Cristalino
ABV: 40% | PROOF: 80 | VOLUME: 750ml

Komos Añejo Cristalino is aged for a minimum of one year in French oak white wine barrels, then dripped through activated charcoal to refine and remove impurities, resulting in a crystal-clear, perfectly smooth tequila.

Komos Craftsmanship

True to Komos’ craftsmanship, this expression is made in Mexico using perfectly ripe 100% Blue Weber Agave, hand-harvested from the distinct terroirs of both the highlands and lowlands of the Tequila Valley in Jalisco. The piñas are roasted in traditional stone ovens, and the aguamiel is naturally fermented and twice distilled in copper pot stills. After aging in the finest barrels, the final touch is gentle aeration: the winemaking technique of tumbling the liquid to take on oxygen to make the mouthfeel softer and smoother, while adding a richness and roundness.

The Bottle

The iconic bottle is handmade by artisans and designed to be upcycled. The deep blue ceramic evokes the beauty of the Mediterranean while preserving the aromas and flavors within it.

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The Tasting Notes
tropical fruits, citrus zest, white florals, vanilla​
pineapple, miso, stone fruit, lime
mineral and round with a delicate sweetness
Añejo Cristalino

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