"Komos XO is a new standard of luxury tequila…"
- Robb Report
Komos XO Tequila
Komos XO is the most exclusive addition to the highest-rated tequila collection. Produced as a single batch, it is the first of its kind and of extraordinary origin.
Komos XO bottle and packaging
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ABV: 42% | PROOF: 84 | VOLUME: 750ml
Like a vast, intricate tapestry woven from carefully considered decisions made over many years, each thread was meticulously chosen to create what we believe is the absolute pinnacle of tequila, Komos XO.
Finest & Rarest Tequila

The foundation of Komos XO is elemental: handmade, double pot-distilled tequila. The agave is hand-harvested from both the Highlands and Lowlands of Jalisco to increase the complexity of the blanco tequila base. Through an exacting and complex aging process, our tequila is then aged in American oak bourbon barrels and French oak red and white wine barrels. Throughout this process, only the very best barrels are selected. Each barrel is completely unique, and individually assessed over time, with the youngest barrels aging for a minimum of three years and the oldest aging for up to 11 years.

At the exact right moment, we take the tequila out of the barrels and transfer it to Spanish Oloroso Sherry casks. These casks are specifically selected to highlight the beauty created thus far while also building upon it further, thereby creating deeper flavor and refinement. The result is a varied and beautiful tapestry that only the finest craftsmanship can achieve.

Masterful Blending

The result of this meticulous approach is a tequila that has taken on a symphony of complexity, beauty, and most importantly, a patina that only time can provide. The Japanese have a term Shibui which embodies the essence of this masterful blend: it's about being balanced, nuanced, subtle, not obvious, deep, detailed and, ultimately, very compelling.

Iconic Crystal Bottle

Komos XO is contained in an etched crystal decanter. This is the first time Komos is presenting an expression in a clear bottle to showcase the richness of the liquid, yet maintaining the iconic Komos shape.

A Single Batch

Komos XO is a true single batch: blended only once, never again to be replicated. It is bottled at a cask strength of 42% ABV, capturing flavors and textures from the barrels and aged agaves that are more vivid, vibrant and complex.

Komos will release a new edition of XO when the next barrels have reached their peak maturity to create the ultimate, unique blend.

Each bottle is marked as Batch no.1, making it a perfect selection for any collector.

The Tasting Notes
Komos XO tasting experience is complex and provocative.
Reminiscent of chestnut honey, with glints of Baltic amber.
Rich aromas vary between chocolate, vanilla, toast and smoke.
The elegant structure reveals a sumptuous fullness, a textured mouthfeel and multidimensional flavors of dried fruits.
Seemingly endless, with layer upon layer continually revealing itself.