Luxury Tequila, Refined.
"The Highest Rated Portfolio of Tequila, Ever."
"This particular bottle lands on the palate like an agave-sweetened dessert with a sprinkling of peppery spice on the finish. Skip the last course and head straight for a glass of Komos."
— Vine Pair

“The satin-coated liquid warms the palate…mineral driven and dry, the spirit’s gravitas is also palpable in its seamless finish.”
— The Tasting Panel
"Komos Reposado Rosa redefines rosé tequila.”
— Spirited Zine

“A heart-melting perfume of cinnamon-dusted rose petals…and fresh agave lead the way.”
— The Tasting Panel
"This tequila is as graceful as an old cognac. The first ever 100-point score tequila”
— The Tasting Panel

"The new Tequila Komos Extra Añejo is pretty much the smoothest I’ve sipped. I guess that's what happens when you age tequila for three years in a combination of french ex-white wine barrels and ex-bourbon barrels."
— Gear Patrol
Tequila Komos Sweeps the 2021 Craft Spirits Design Awards
Taking home the Gold, Silver, and Bronze
“The bottle is handsome: a tall, handmade clay vessel glazed a deep mediterranean blue.”

“The pink ceramic-glazed bottle is a work of art, as is the liquid inside.”
— The Tasting Panel

“The luxurious, ultra-premium design of the Komos bottles underscores just how far agave spirits have come as an overall category.”
— Crafts Spirits Magazine